We Believe That Jesus Is God

John 1: vs 1-14

The Old Testament Hebrew word for God is plural ("Elohim").
A plural word includes more than one. As in the words; family, team, partner:
So within the plural nature of God is more than one entity or person.
Christians are baptised in the name "singular" of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit,
Mathew 28: v 19.

These three share one singular name.

God was manifested in the flesh.   (1 Timothy 3: v 16)

Jesus is the image of the Invisible God.   (Colossians 1: v 15)

In Jesus dwell all The Fullness of the Godhead bodily.   (Colossians 2: v 9)

Jesus being the express image of His (God person).   (Hebrews 1: vs 1-3, 2 Corinthians 4: v 4)

Jesus, being in the form of God.   (Phillipians 2: vs 5-7)


To know the Son is to know the Father.   (John 8: v 19; 14: v 7)

To see the Son is to see the Father.   (John 12: v 45; 14: vs 7 and 9)

To believe in the Son is to believe in the Father.   (John 12: v44; 14: v 1)

To honour the Son is to honour the Father.   (John 5: v 23)

To hate the Son is to hate the Father.   (John 15: vs 23-24)

To receive the Son is to receive the Father.   (Mark 9: v 37)

To deny the Son is to deny the Father.   (1 John 2: vs 22-23)

To despise the Son is to despise the Father.   (Luke 10: v 16)


Life reproduces after its own kind; the son of man is a man, but the Son of God cannot be "a God" because:
There is only ONE GOD.
Therefore the Son of God is God, and the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. These three are "one God",
1 John 5: v 7, John 10: v 30.

God possesses divine absolute attributes which cannot be communicated to other created beings,
Yet the Man Jesus also possesses them.

Attributes God Jesus
Omnipresent Jeremiah 23: v 24 Matthew 28: vs 19-20
Omnipotent Revelation 19: v 5 Phillipians 3: v 20
Omniscient Psalm 147: v 5 John 13: v 19
Sovereign Isaiah 46: vs 10-11 Ephesians 1: v 11
Immortal 1 Timothy 1: v 17 Acts 13: vs 35-37
Eternal Psalm 90: v 2 Micah 5: v 2
Immutable Malachi 3: v 6 Hebrews 13: v 8


Within the nature of the One true God exist Three distinct persons.

All three are equal in power and glory.

All three have intelligence, will, emotion and expression, but differ in function.

All three are co-essential, co-equal co-existent and co-eternal.

The Godhead is One plural, divine essence or substance existing in three distinct facets or persons.
This is "The mystery of Godliness" 1 Timothy 3: v 16.


Pastor Dennis du Plessis
Freedom Ministries Prayer and Healing Centre

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