Power To Become

When Jesus was on earth, He was the only one of His race. He was the
"second man".
All the other men in the world at that time were manifestations of the
first man. Adam.
Some heard the promises and prophesies of God and were looking forward to deliverance from the prison house of Adam's nature.
But until He Jesus came; they could not receive the promise.
God had better things for us. Hebrews 11 v 40, God having provided something better for us, that they should not be made perfect apart from us.
They had to wait until the seed was planted before they could become a part of the Harvest.

Meanwhile, strange things were happening on earth after 4,000 years of one corrupt man multiplying himself.
In this world, a new man appears. The Holy Ghost conceives Him, virgin soil receives Him, the Angels announce Him, and the world powers try to destroy Him. He grows up in a hostile world, with every devil in hell trying to tempt Him to sin.
The Father sets a table before Him in the midst of His enemies.
But no one understands Him. Not His mother, nor His disciples, and certainly not the religious leaders of His day; a prophet reincarnated, or John the Baptist back from the dead. Matthew 16 v 14.

How would you like to be in a world where you were the only one of your race, and everything else was on a lower form of life?
He healed them, He planted the Word in them, and He ate with them. But for real fellowship, He had to rise before daybreak and go into a mountain to pray. Only the Father understood and really knew Him.

Jesus Was the Source to Produce

God had determined to fill the earth with this New Creation. Jesus was the source.
He had to give up His life on this earth realm in order to bring forth His image and likeness.
The joy that was set before Him, was to look ahead and see a people living on that higher dimension of the Spirit in new creation life.
This made it possible for Him to be "made sin for us" and to endure the cross.

God had given Adam, the first man the power to multiply and reproduce himself. And now that same power is given to the second man, the last Adam (Christ).
He will fill the earth with His harvest, and they shall overcome all enemies, and put death under their feet. Death will be destroyed as well as him who had the power of death. 1 Corinthians 15 v 26 "the last enemy that will be destroyed is death".

Since Christ can only reproduce what He is, we can see the impact this harvest will have on the world.
The powers of heaven will be shaken no remote corner of earth will be untouched by that which God is doing. "For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea".
The minds of men shake today when you mention that we are sons of God.
Little do they know of the glory that is yet to come.
But it shall come in spite of all unbelief.
For the Lord has spoken, and none can nullify it, He hath purpose it and will bring it to pass.
The corporate son, the New Creation Man is ready to appear on history's horizon.
Bless His Holy Name

Pastor Dennis du Plessis


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