By Devine Revelation Abraham Saw and Foresaw - Genesis 14 v 18

John 8 v 56, Jesus said; Abraham saw my day and was glad.
"Seeing is not a subject, but an experience" seeing has a lot to do with the prophetic.
Prophecies in the old and new testament are not so much predictions of what will come to pass,
As they are, revelations to us of what God has purpose; Shall come to pass.
Whatever you fix your eyes upon grows within you.
What you hear determines your capacity.
we are being raised by revelation. Oft times (Many times) we must rename moments in our lives.

The law of the Kingdom of God defies explanation.
Abraham has been out to war; because Lot has been kidnapped.
v 18, Melchizedek went out to meet Abraham with bread and wine. He was the Priest of the Most High God
By divine revelation Abraham saw and foresaw,
He saw Melchizedek one made like unto the Son of God and a priest forever,
He saw a figure of the gospel day, which is Christ day.
Melchizedek was a shadow of what was in heaven,
He comes with bread and wine, not animals for sacrifice. A vision to Abraham into a revelation of what was to come.
In the offering of Isaac and the ram caught in the thicket and offered; instead of Isaac he saw a double type of the great sacrifice.
And in the calling of that place "Jehovah Jireh". Hebrews 11 v 13, But seen them afar off…

Hebrews 7 v 1-3
Melchizedek, His character.
King of rightouesness, King of peace.
Without father without mother
Without descend, having neither beginning of day nor end of life;
But made like unto the Son of God,
Abideth a priest forever.

In scripture God made Himself visible on many occasions.
Theophany means an appearance of God. Genesis 18 v 2.
Christophany an appearance of Christ. e.g. The Angel of the Lord.
The unveiling just before Christ begun His earthly ministry demonstrates a pattern that is the same in many other prophetic voices.
Exodus 3, Moses had his burning bush experience and a rod.
Joshua 5, Joshua saw the captain of the host and the sword of the Lord.
Isaiah 6, Isaiah saw the temple filled with the glory of the Lord, a vision of the Lord and received a new commission.
Daniel 10 v 6-8, God appeared to Daniel in human form.
Acts 9, Saul experienced a light brighter than the noonday sun, and was commissioned as a special chosen vessel…
Revelation 1 v 10, John heard; and in v 12 turned; he saw seven golden lamp stands and command to write.
The promise had to become a reality. Abraham held it in his arms and watched it grow.
Romans 4 v 19, Abraham was not being weak in faith.
The Hebrew and Greek words for Faith speak of things that are; certain, settled and established.
Jesus frequently went to the temple, but He never offered sacrifices.
He possessed the attributes of God, amongst these are, Life, selfexistence, immutability, truth, Love, holiness, eternity, omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence.

The works of God are ascribing to Him. I do not speak of miracle's which may be wrought by communicated power; but such as;
The creation of the world, the upholding of all things the final raising of the dead, and the judgement of all men.
Romans 11 v 36, "For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To whom be glory for ever: Amen". Power to perform these works cannot be delegated. They are characterized by omnipotence.

Genesis 22 v 9, God's order a Son.
And Abraham build an alter there and placed the wood in order;
1 Kings 18 v 32, Then with the stones he built an alter.
v 33, And he put the wood in order.
"Order" in this context, means a body of people united by some common bond.
It is a perfect principal that establishes this people by rank and file. 1 Peter 2 v 9.
We have come into a priestly ministry of a different order. Not Aaronic priesthood.

You are a chosen generation,
A Royal priesthood,
A holy nation,
A peculiar people.

Under Aaronic priesthood no one could sit down, there were no chairs in the tabernacle.
But we are seated together with Christ in heavenly places. (Plural)
Because of Christ, the Head of the order, this priesthood abides continually. There is no need to ever again change the priesthood, as often occurred under the Levitical system.
The life of the High priest "King Jesus" is the key to the whole order.
He is the uniting bond that gives definition to the order. Without Him, there is no order. We cannot volunteer our way into this; the Holy Spirit must birth the revelation of this order in our spirit.
The decree of the order - determines the day:
The order of ministry determines the priesthood. Both of these are irreversible.
The Son "Jesus" is God's purpose, His design, His intent, His predetermination.

Jesus said; Abraham saw my day and was glad.
My day; The exact meaning of the expression is altogether uncertain: Some writers think the reference is to an unrecorded scene.
"Day" the word used is a sense of a period of activity e.g. "We did that in our day".
He saw it and was glad. He saw it with an eye of faith.
He saw it in the promise that in his seed all the nations of earth should be blessed.
Though Abraham was not permitted to live to see the day of the Messiah, he was permitted to have a prophetic view of Him and also of the design of His coming.
The death of the Messiah as a sacrifice was represented to Abraham clearly by the command to sacrifice his son.
He also saw, Christ and His day, His suffering, death, and resurrection from the dead in a figure, in the binding of Isaac and in the sacrifice of the ram and the receiving of Isaac from the dead.
Genesis 18 v 2, He saw the Promised Messiah in human form.
"Saw" the Greek construction, that he should see; e.g. "In the knowledge or anticipation that he should see".
He rejoiced in the hope of the revelation.
John 8 vs 58, Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was "I AM" This speaks of "Self existence".
Long before Abraham. The Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.
Romans 4 v 21, And being fully convinced that what He had promised. He was also able to perform v 22.

Heavens deepest rivers are flowing now.
Supernatural encounters with God "Emmaus road encounter" A revelation of Jesus Christ.
I now see the Holy Spirit power in ministry is phenomenal, and humanly impossible to fake.

Acts 3, A lame man from birth at the gate beautiful.
He could not walk out what he could see and view, they only brought him each day to the gate.
Every dream has the right to live. v 4 Peter said "Look at us" In looking, he received his miracle.
Don't let such possibilities frighten you. Believe Jesus and forget the critic's.
Our present day ministry will depend on "WHERE WE HAVE BEEN".
The "Where" are not buildings, conferences, and seminars. BUT Holy places, ANGELIC habitations, OUR Mt of transfiguration? Where we beheld Jesus in Glory - We must be driven like a Deer panting for the water brooks.
Abraham saw my day; John 1 v 14, And we beheld His Glory.
2 Corthintians 12 v 1, I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord.

Acts 2, On the day of Pentecost they heard the sound of heaven, before they saw the tongues of fire.
The sound of heaven created a Kingdom reality that allowed them to see Gods purposes, it creates a spiritual reality for us to walk the super natural life of the Kingdom of God.
A Kingdom invasion, Kingdom dominion, Kingdom decrees, Kingdom anointing.

Eye's and ear's for the Kingdom to open Doors, Gates and Portals. To see and foresee.
Atmosphere creates order.
Abraham walked in an Atmosphere of revelation.

Experience the unusual, believe the impossible, and witness the miraculous.
Be bless in your walk.

Pastor Dennis du Plessis

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